There is plenty of high-performance USB C to C cables on the market that can deliver up to 100W of power. With the UGREEN 100W USB-C Cable, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for speed. As a result, you’ll appreciate that it comes with braided cotton cables that are both flexible and tangle-free.

Easy to Connect

This 100W cable has a few more features than the UGREEN cable, which is designed for those on a tighter budget. These cables are notable for their cotton braid construction and their USB Type-C DP Alt mode, which allows you to connect an external monitor to your laptop. The cable supports resolutions of up to 4K.

Fast Transfer Rate

Transfer rates of up to ten gigabits per second are possible. It works out to about 850 megabits per second (Mbps). Even though it’s faster than the advertised 1,250MB/s, it’s not quite up to par. Of course, the device you’re transferring from or to is still a factor. Another consideration is whether or not your computer hardware has speed limits. On my 65W charger, the cable easily reached 57W of power.

Longer Lifespan

Ugreen has not specified the cable’s lifespan. However, the cotton braided cable should last a long time. In addition, the connecting point is made of plastic rather than rubber, so it should be more durable. Honestly, this Ugreen cable’s durability is quite good.

The Cable is at the Right Length

UGREEN USB C Cable complies with the standard length of cables. Some people want it longer, while others want it shorter. The question is how long a cable should be. If you have a longer cable than usual, you will have more problems. In fact, the recommended cable length for the USB4 standard is just 31 inches.

What Is the Purpose of the USB Connection Length Limit

The USB-IF sets the standards by which USB devices are manufactured. However, the length limit is merely a practical consideration, not an intentional design choice. Packets are the units of data transmission. Due to the fact that modern USB cables transmit data in both directions, your two devices can now communicate with one another in real-time. In contrast to “half-duplex” connections, which can send data in both directions, “full-duplex” connections can send data in both directions simultaneously.

Using a USB connection, data is sent from your phone to your computer and then received as confirmation. The more rapid the transmission, the faster the confirmation messages are required to be in the message stream. Data packets that are lost in transit must be resent. The transmission of data packets is not instantaneous, and as the cable’s length increases, so does the transmission time. As long as the length limit is not exceeded, there will be no noticeable increase in transmission time.

However, high-speed cables, such as those defined by USB4, must be shorter. Compounded data packet delivery failures can be caused by longer cables, which means that the delayed confirmation will actually result in more failures because of the delayed confirmation.

Final Thoughts

To answer the question, why choose UGREEN USB-C cable, it’s because all Ugreen’s products┬ácomply with the standards, are safe, and last longer. Other brands may only last half of the shelf life of UGREEN’s cable. Be wise when choosing your cables. Read and know more about the brand before you decide.


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